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Photo: Laura Popiel

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Grants to provide a family with a portrait of a special child are available to SKPA-Accredited Photographers when the Smiles for Katie Family Photo Grant program is funded. SKPA-trained photographers are eligible for participation in the grant program by supplying forms to the family and also by willingness to donate part of their services or fees (if applicable) to the family along with the grant monies provided. Participating photographers receive partial support for services and product rendered. Contact SKPA about current availability of grants and details of participation. Send for the application form and complete it on-line, then return it to SKPA (address on the form).  An on-line version is also available.

Families that are stretched thin with medical or therapy bills may apply for the grant in cooperation with a SKPA-Accredited photographer. Grants are based on need, not income. Contact us for availability of the grant and the easy-to-complete application form. The grant helps pay for a session and one 8 x 10 or smaller print. Details are listed on the application form.

The program is named in memory of Katie, an adorable 4-year-old with Down syndrome. She passed away while on vacation with her family. She was dearly loved. Just prior to leaving Arizona for the happy visit to relatives, a newly accredited photographer named Sally Harding scheduled a photo session with the family. The photos are treasured by the family because of the sweetness that was captured in this caring photographers very special images. Photo by Sally Harding



  1. State your desire and need for photographic services in the space provided.
  2. Share the form with a SKPA-accredited photographer who participates in the Smiles photo grant program.
  3. Inquire to photographers listed on our website:
  4. Complete the form (signed by parent AND photographer).
  5. Photographer must first contact SKPA to check for availably of funding.
  6. Arrange for a photo session with your child. (No pre-deposit to photographer is required).
  7. If approved, this grant will provide the family with one photo session and one 8x10 (or smaller) print.
  8. Receive your print from the photographer.
  9. Email us (or have the photographer do it) the finished image of your child.
  10. Send us this completed form for review and final steps necessary for submission of a check to the photographer.


Sample form (contact us for an emailed on-line fill out verison):


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