Serving families of children with special needs
through exceptional photography

Photo: Laura Popiel

Board Members

Members of the Special Kids Photography of America (a nonprofit organization founded in 2000) board of directors, come from all parts of North America. These dedicated participants are photographers with excellent credentials, persons involved with teaching or serving special ed and parents of special children who are also professional photographers. Members of the board are not paid. Staff members also (including the executive director) do not receive salaries. Those interested in participation on the Board or Advocacy Committee, please contact us with your ideas or willingness to serve.

Board Members

  • Jamie Coonts, SKPA Board President and professional photographer, Snohomish WA, Parent Coordinator for ARC, Snohomish County
  • Diane Graham, Professional photographer, Tucson, AZ
  • Lucy Huffstetter, Professional photographer, CPP, Plano, TX
  • Nancy Molder, Principal ACELL School, Phoenix, AZ
  • Laura Popiel, Parent of a special child and Professional photographer, Tomball, TX
  • Ted York, Professional photograper, Alpine, UT

SKPA Staff

Karen Dórame, Founder and Executive Director, St. George, UT, Member, Professional Photographers of America

Terri Quinlan, Treasurer, Long Beach, CA

Alison Miniter, Secretary, Ipswich, MA


Members of Advisory Committee (Retired board members or other interested parties)

  • Jenifer Turner, Professional photographer, TX
  • Mark Brown, Professional photographer, Chicago, 


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