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Photo: Laura Popiel

Reach Out! 

Special Kids Photography of America does not use the term marketing. When our SKPA-trained photographers are looking for clients, it is called outreach and awareness. Most parents of special children are simply not aware of the specially-trained SKPA photographers that are knowledgeable and comfortable in working with their children to create beautiful portraits. 

SKPA is currently in the process of developing Reach Out! CD, a useful tool to use in learning how to locate parents and businesses in order to provide them with unique and exceptional professional photographic services. 



Many famiies that have a special child or children are laden with heavy medical or therapy commitments. SKPA recommends that a photographer use their heart to decide how to be compensated. Sometimes the sincere gratitude of the parent is payment enough.


WHY CHARGE AT ALL? Many parents are offended with the "assumed need" approach and are offended when confronted with pity or charity. These are usually the parents who want their children to be mainstreamed in school, sports and other aspects of their lives. Decisions here may be fine and sometimes tricky line to follow. If the photographer insists on absolutely no payment for the session and prints, that client will most likely not return for additional services because they are embarrassed by unsolicited "handouts." 

We believe that a hard and fast rule of providing everything free of charge to families of children with special needs would eventually equate to a denial of services. Children with Down syndrome, for example, are born to families of all races and income brackets--Black, White, Asian, poor, wealthy and all socio-economic ranges in between. Some SKPA photographers have a large special needs clientele who come for services several times a year, not because the services are free, but because the photographer works well with their child and because the results are fantastic! They order large mantle prints or wraps, albums, baby announcements, graduation announcements and all other types of photographic products. A photographer could not afford to give all those items away at no charge. 

Parents are looking for photographers who can do the job right, not simply free. 


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