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Photo: Laura Popiel

What's Happening?


Special Kids Photography of America provides both live workshops as well as the same workshop content on a CD, accompanied by beautiful portrait images of children with special needs. The 1-day in-person workshops are held regionally and directed by local trainers. All trainers use the same basic presentation, adding their own personal experience and images to the SKPA-researched and developed materials. Workshops often occure before or after major photographic conventions...plan on it! Watch for announcements. Check our Training Dates page for dates and places.

Workshop fees will vary, depending on location and occasion and whether or not the books and the entire accreditation process is included. 


Standard package price of $249 includes 1-day workshop, Photographing Chidren with Special Needs and accompaning study guide (on CD), test and photo review process. When all requirements are successfully met, use of the SKPA logo is granted, a cerficate of completion is awarded and the applicant's contact information is placed on the SKPA website. 


The same material as present in the in-person 1-day Accreditation Workshop is available on CD (not DVD). The .pdf files may be printed and studied like a text book. Approximately 100 beautiful professional photographic examples are included. Base price: $299.


The 1-day workshop may be purchased without the books and test. Available for the in-person workshop (price varies) and for the CD version ($149). Contact SKPA for details.



Book: Photographing Children with Special Needs

Photographing Children with Special Needs is available for purchase without purchasing the workshop. Some trainers, too, will ask attendees to purchase the book or Study Guide separately. The Study Guide is not available unless purchased with Photographing Children with Special Needs.



Marathon Press has a collection of educational webinars in their archives. The webinars are divided into informaiton on photographing children with specific disorders such as Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, etc. 


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